UI6 readiness


Are you accepting patches for making the JavaScript tabs work on UI6? Those tabs in the UI are the only feature of the plugin that seem to be not quite right under UI6. The plugin still operates correctly (with my limited testing).

Of course, you are welcome.
Is it possible to have a unique file compatible with UI5 and UI6 ?

I was in the process of releasing the plugin but I can wait a little more.

futzle, do you confirm that the UPnP event proxy is working well with UI6 ?

If you provide a patch of the js file for Sonos plugin, then I should be able to apply the same changes to my other plugins (DLNA, RFXtrx).

I will see what I can do. No hard timeline though, so please do release your UI5-only version first.

Edit: UPnP Event proxy seems to run fine.