UI6 Issue on Router

Hello all, I am a convert from Nexia to vera3, it appears from what I found here I am also a new UI6 person…

I got all my z-wave modules transferred good and stated to expand with Insteon modules as well!

I got two issues going…

First one is as I have read on the First Alert voice fire systems they won’t connect directly to vera3 I can’t even get vera3 to see them, but this is ok because I bought the Insteon link up and fire alarm module to connect it. It shows in the UI6 that it is there, but anyone know if they got it to act and do triggers?

Second I have a Revo system with 16 camera’s, the problem is we need a open port and can not find how to open ports to where the Revo can send out the camera via the web to the cell phone. Anyone that can help this would be great.

As a note on the vera3 UI6, although I have never had another vera I will say I have had no big issues with the vera3 UI6 and am very happy with it. I changed over for two main reasons from Nexia, cost + flexibility in product types. So far this has worked good for us. Look forward to working with you all here…


Opening a port on Vera requires you to actually use SSH to log into the unit and make changes on the command line to the config. Unless you are experienced with Unix type shell commands it’s not something I would encourage. I’ve done it to implement port forwarding to my IP cams.

I would suggest to connect a standard WiFi router to your cable or FIOS modem and connect both Vera and your Revo system to that router. It will be easy to open a port in most standard routers such as Linksys or netgear and chances are your Revo documentation has guides for doing so. If not, there are plenty on the web. Just google ‘forward port on router xxxxx’. Vera will work fine in this setup.

I use this setup as well and use Vera 3’s WiFi solely for my WiFi IP camera’s so that my home automation has it’s own network, separate from my data network. Both for performance and security reasons.

Hello and thanks so much for this info :)… I actually have this already setup. I have a Linksys wifi and vera3 comes off that as well as my Revo. But can u tell me step by step in vera3 how I connect the two? through wifi? Everything seems to have their own IP address but all connected common. I am sure I did not say that in the right language but I think you know what I mean? I hope!

Added note: I got the cam sort of to appear in the module list. I got vers3 to take it as a IP generic cam. Not sure if that was right but it made a connection and a module so I am now able to get into some programing. But no camera image shows. I should mention I have 16 cams running on my Revo DVR. I tried putting in the cam numbers but it won’t connect to the cam… Dam it I am so close but so far!

Another thing is it would only find the revo through the remote settings I may not be hardwire connecting right with the router to the vera3…?