UI6 Beta Imminent

I’m hoping to push out a beta tonight which will enable UI6 support, or really the new MMS authentication system. Keep in mind there are some known bugs that i’m still working through mostly related to maintaining the authentication session. But i think it is stable enough now to be usable. If you want to beta test and your not a current beta tester just send me an email to amginecreations@gmail.com and i’ll add you. Make sure the email is the one used by your phone.

By all means if you see a bug and you can reproduce it easily please add them with steps and/or screenshots to this thread. I had to make a lot of changes to get this integrated seamlessly, so i expect issues. :slight_smile:

Whatever you see in regards to functionality in the WP8 client will also be in the Store app as well as soon as it is stable enough.


Beta has been published. Should be available in a few hours.

Finally had some time to work on more bug fixes. Hoping to push another beta update this weekend.

Making enhancements to voice commands to allow for not including the unit name in the commands. If it detects this it will use the last selected unit and if that is not set it will just use the first unit it finds in the list. You will be able to say things like:

Grasshopper run {sceneName}
Grasshopper go to {deviceName}
Grasshopper change {serviceName} to {state} on {deviceName}

If you updated your phone to 8.1, i’ve noticed the voice commands on 8.0 apps don’t seem to get detected properly. Not sure if that is just my phone or not.

Awesome! Looking forward to the new build.