UI6 and adding FOSCAM FI8910W with firmware, .54, .56

I updated the instructions since I tested the setup with the .56 firmware. Nothing has changed I just added some more pictures and corrected some typos.

I managed to get these working with the help of the forums, I have only had my VeraLite for two days.

I created a setup document to hopefully help others since I found the setup to a little confusing.

Don’t forget to save your settings after making changes.

I just used this to set up my FI8910Ws. It worked wonderful. Is there a way to use the Foscam plugin instead of using the vista cam in the setup?

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I’m not sure the the foscam plugin is actually required, I think these cameras are very similar to the vistacam model. I haven’t tried doing any triggering with them since they are so light sensitive and they would be triggered all the time.

Maybe somebody with more knowledge will chime in here.

See my posting in “Foscam 8910W Manual Setup [How-to]”

for details of UI6 = FI8910W at release level

for how to get it all set up including PT

Great doc…Really clear and worked as documented.