UI5 VeraLite User Looking for Download Link for UI7 Version 7.0.19

I’m a step above a newbie, and I currently have a VeraLite with the latest version of UI5 on it. I’m looking to attempt to upgrade to the latest version of UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.19. Since I have UI5 when I go to my firmware download screen in my vera it says I have the latest update. Where can I get the download link for UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.19 so I can upload it? I’ve looked around the forum and on the support page and don’t see anything that provides it.

You can find instructions at support.getvera.com. If you want some help, contact Customer Care, support@getvera.com.

That is incorrect. There are NO instructions on support.getvera.com for how to upgrade from UI5 to the latest UI7 firmware. I am in the exact predicament as the OP, but I cannot find the solution. I know HOW to do to the upgrade if you guys would simply make the URL for downloading the latest firmware available, I could take care of it.

My friend What Marc said… it is that you can tech support at support@getvera.com to help you with it , the web site support.getvera.com is to get information. send it : D

I am trying to do the same as you, upgrading my Veralite to U17. I have spent two full days now on this project. I indeed found a link that can be put into the controller to upgrade it. I did that and low and behold the upgrade worked. It walked me through a new login with a new password. I logged in and the U17 dashboard came up. I thought I was home free but as the controller was loading up it got stuck. Now it keeps telling me that the Luup code is taking too long to load. I am working with Customer Care to resolve the issue.

Bottom line is I can’t recommend this route. Since Customer Care is willing to walk you through the upgrade I suggest you let them. I wish I had Contacted them sooner.