UI5 Upgrade Gave me UI1?

This is crazyness.

I upgraded my Vera2 through MiOS and it said it completed. When the Vera2 came back online, it proudly pronounced it was running version 1.0.008 or somesuch. The UI looks NOTHING like what I’ve seen with UI5 but I do see some new cube icons for “Triggers” and “Schedules” and some of the renaming that was expected.

It REALLY doesn’t look like this worked properly. I can’t really get into any FOareas of the console, including Advanced, Setup, Automation, Apps, etc. It just sits at “Opening Help” regardless of what I click and never changes.

If I try to access the /firmware URL to try the upgrade again, it says I’m at UI5.

Make sure you clear your browser cache.

  • Garrett

Clearing the cache did it. I feel silly for not trying that first! Thanks for the help.

Do not feel silly. It is MCV’s fault for not properly introducing UI5 and releasing it still in beta form!

  • Garrett