UI5, UI7 - What are they?


Given the number of threads running mentioning UI5 & UI7 this is undoubtedly a real dumb newbie question … but as somebody who is just now trying out his brand new VeraPlus … what are they? F/ware? Product? … and how do I know which I’m using?



UI is an abbreviation from “user interface” and it is the “firmware” that you’re having on your Vera unit. VeraPlus does not run anything bellow UI7 and for the moment UI7 is the “latest and greatest”.

Hi Rob,

Welcome to the community! Don’t worry about newbie questions—everyone had to start out as a newbie.
You’ve “met” Sorin, our Community Manager from Vera. He and his team are excellent resources and keep a close eye on the forum. Once you get more familiar with it, you can use the forum search . There’s a terrific knowledge base here. The forum users are extremely generous with help as well.

Once you get more familiar with your Vera, please take a look at the App store, and the plug-in support areas on this forum. We have some excellent user-contributed plug-ins that will add a great deal to your Vera.

Again, welcome!

You’ve come aboard at an exciting time—there are a lot of good things happening!

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Sorin, just “latest” will suffice :wink:

Thanks Sorin,

My VeraPlus is running f/ware 1.7.4453. Is the “7” in the “UI7” the minor (second) part of the f/ware version?

So, to ensure I understand, if I was running 1.5.NNN it would be called UI5?



Yes. UI5 versions were 1.5.XXX. UI5 has been obsolete for a number of years and UI7 is the current firmware branch. Vera’s versioning system can be somewhat hard to follow. For example, the current release version across all platforms is 7.29, which encompasses 1.7.4453 for the Vera Plus, 1.7.4452 for the Edge, and 1.7.4454 for the Secure.

7.30 is in beta test now for all three platforms.

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I had UI5 and with it some third party applications. Unfortunately UI7 changed the way the app positions controls and status on the UI ie items that were originally in a vertical arrangement on the app control screen are now missing and/or arranged in horizontal position. My request for info to help developers or folks like me with programming experience has been that this is now proprietary. How could this be proprietary if there were previously 3rd party developers. Why is UI7 not backward compatible or at least tell us what has changed from the programming perspective when displaying in the IU7.

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