UI5 to UI7 Scene Tip

Awhile ago I went from a VeraLite running UI5 to a VeraEdge running UI7. Periodically I’ve had issues with some of my scenes not executing from my Leviton scene controllers. Today as I was troubleshooting this mess, I was looking at the logs and when I hit a scene button, I saw something like this:

07 09/11/15 15:04:34.171 Event::Evaluate 33 AUTO_GENERATED scene Set Cool to 78 wrong house mode 1 repeat 0/-1 <0x77516520>

The house mode caught my eye as I don’t use house modes. I looked at some of my scenes and none of the house modes were set because I brought the scenes over from UI5. Once I set the house modes for the scenes to all modes, my controller started triggering the right scenes.

In addition, there has been a tip to set a one second delay for scenes when using the Leviton scene controllers. This may seem like magic, but I believe that if you don’t set a delay Vera tries to setup an “association” from the controller to the device. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. So setting the delay seems to let Vera set the scene and doesn’t try to do associations.