UI5 holdover, time to go to UI7

Long time Vera user but have stayed on UI5. When UI7 came out there was so much complaining about stability and other drama I chose just to pass.

Wondering now if has enough miles on the odometer that I should make the plung and jump over. I have a fairly comlicated setup with 40 or so controlled devices and a could (simple) LUUP scripts.

I have several cameras and they were nadled poorly in UI5 so wondering if that has gotten better in UI7

any words of caution before I make the leap???

I’d be careful simply because you have a Vera Lite - so memory may be an issue. I like UI7 and find (for me) it’s pretty stable so I think it’s worth the upgrade, but you may want to consider doing so as part of a hardware upgrade - get new Vera, add to network as secondary controller, shift everything over to the new box, retire the old one… just a thought!


as an additional step for good measure, I would update all the plugins to the latest, then I would create a full backup (z-wave +user_Data) , save it to computer.
Then reset the unit to factory defaults → wait for it to come back clean → upgrade to UI7-> restore the previously made backup, as soon as the unit comes back.

That?s a thought. I use my Vera a lot so spending a bit for a hardware refresh isn?t objectionable.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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UI7 is so bad I went back to my old Vera 2, my new VeraPlus is still sitting in the box. It’s a huge step backwards. Unless you really, really need to run a garage door controller or something, stick with UI5. I only visited the forum today to find out if there was a replacement for UI7 that would render my VeraPlus usable!

I am in the same boat as the OP but after seeing what invisiblewave said, I may stay on UI5.

Invisiblewave - how long ago was it that you were on UI7?

Let me ask a stupid question.

I have a few Aeon microswitches embedded IN devices (like the lamp portion of a fan).

I’ve been considering moving from my still-work Veralite running UI5 to some newer hardware with UI7.

I hear lots of mixed messages … but that aside, what i fear the most is having to disassemble outlets/plugs/fans etc. to unpair and then re-pair the Aeon switches …

Is that reality? No way to exclude/include without opening things up all over again?


That is the reality.
You could just leave UI5 running using it as a secondary controller with a new Plus to add your new(er) devices.
I’ve left my Vera Lite UI5 running as a seperate system to an Edge on UI7.
Another possibility would be to use Imperihome to bridge the 2 together. It’s going to be horses for courses in this situation and only you can be the judge as to which way to proceed.

Zed -

Thanks for the reply … I think I’m gonna hold for now, all is working, and I can’t stomach the thought of opening up switches and fans, etc. to exclude and include all over again … along with rebuilding scenes.

I’m probably overstating, I don’t have more than a handful that would need work to get at, but it still seems unappealing. :slight_smile: From reading all the issues with UI7 most recent upgrade, I think I’ll stick with what I got. I’m working so far…

Good to know you can use the VL as a secondary though - that idea may come in useful!



I’m in the same position, I have lots of Aeon micro switches and other such devices all over the place. I have over 200 nodes on the network. It recently started failing for a lot of devices which some require power off/on to reset and others just no longer working at all. I’m considering upgrading but not if it requires me to rebuild the entire system again!

What options are available for upgrading or moving to another system? Does anyone have experience with something other than Vera that works just as well or better? I"m still on Vera3 with UI5

You might talk to Vera Support.
They have a Z-Wave chip firmware update that I am testing with on my Plus …
That solved many of my Z-Wave problems.

The Z-Wave version is 4.61 L:1 (Settings - Z-Wave settings)

Indeed, Z-Wave version is 4.61 is a new version that contains important improvements in routing and it’s going to be a prerequisite for the upcoming Z-Wave S2 framework.

Customer Care can supply you with it until this is officially pushed into the firmware.

does this zwave update apply to older vera3 devices?
can a ui5 zwave network be imported to a new ui7 upgrade?

NO and YES/NO you can upgrade your Vera 3 to UI7 … but if you move to the newer Veras you need to start over.!

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer”]NO and YES/NO you can upgrade your Vera 3 to UI7 … but if you move to the newer Veras you need to start over.![/quote]Thanks Richard.
Only reason I was looking at the upgrade was for better support of home assistant. Pleg does all I need but it’s the deeper integrations which are getting tricky that drove me to Haas.

Is ui7 on vera3 worth the hassle otherwise?

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I finally made the switch from Vera3/UI5 to VeraSecrus/UI7 and am happy so far. A few issues, one of which took me a whole day to figure out, but now it is up and stable - in fact it seems to rarely reload the Luup engine, compared to the nightly reload associated with the UI5 nighly heal. In fact, that is why I wanted to upgrade to UI7 - I was tired of things not working, or being real, real slow, between 2am and 4am every night. I am usually asleep during this time - but if I am NOT then I want my HA system working perfectly…

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:12, topic:197504”]You might talk to Vera Support.
They have a Z-Wave chip firmware update that I am testing with on my Plus …
That solved many of my Z-Wave problems.

The Z-Wave version is 4.61 L:1 (Settings - Z-Wave settings)[/quote]

Hi Richard, what problems did this new z-wave chip firmware exactly solve for you ?

And Sorin M, when can we expect the official roll out of this new firmware ?