UI5 and problem with Merten Connect 507502 Radio receiver (2 gang switch)


I have mainly Merten products in my network (totally 34 Merten push-buttons and receivers). Because Vera can’t handle double push-buttons (Merten 507219) and two relay receivers (Merten 507502, 2 gang switch) I have configured my network using Merten radio USB configurator. By using that tool I can associate also my double bush buttons (I have 7 of them) and double relay receiver (I have 2 of them).

After I have done associations with Merten configurator I have read the network to Vera (using option Z-Wave Settings/Advanced/Copy Z-Wave network from master controller). After that all my devises are visible in Vera’s dashboard and I can make scenes and automations.

But now when I have updated to UI5 I have problems with Merten 507502 Radio receivers (two relay receivers). I have only one devise visible in dashboard. Therefore I can only use the first relay (the second relay is not visible).

In UI4 one of these receivers consist of 3 devises in dashboard. One was the “main device” and then there were 2 “sub” devises for both relays. Also sub devices have their own devise #numbers and therefore I can control both relays independently. (Example Device#110 was the main device device#111e1 was the first relay and device#112e2 was the second relay).

So how can this be done in UI5 or must I go back to UI4 to get them working again. I like more of the UI5 but I can’t use it if the problem can’t be fixed.

I am also have z-wave network created with Merten Configuarator which consists of 2 channels relays and double push buttons. And I am thinking about to buy Vera and trasfer all my network to Vera using “Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller” procedure.
3 questions

  1. Does UI5 support Merten 507502 2-load relays?
  2. After "Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller " procedure Vera became a slave?
    I see this info:
    Version 2.78 L:1
    Role Slave SIS:NO PRI:NO
  3. As I noticed only 2.78 z-wave chip firmware version allow to use “Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller” is it right?


  1. In my case UI5 support 507502 2-load relays. First I had some problems (see above). I didn’t see the second relay, but after rebooting Vera both relays are now visible and working. (I think that I had to boot twice to have them all visible).
  2. Same for me
  3. I don’t know but I am using 2.78 (just in case).

Thanks for reply!

  1. After that procedure “Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller”, how to add new devices, detectors, controllers,relays?
  2. First, I need to add them in Merten Configurator when delete all devices in Vera and when repeat “Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller” procedure?
  3. Will Merten Konfigurator recognize non-native controllers and detectors?


This is how I have done it. I don’t know if it is the right way to do it but it is working for me.

1/2) I have added them (Fibaro Switch, Duwi Plugin Switchs, Aeon Labs Smart Switchs, Aeon Labs HEM, Everspring Door Sensors/Siren/Motion Detector/Flood Detector) using Merten Configurator tool. After they have been added to the network using Merten Tool I have reseated Vera (Setup / Z-Wave Settings / Advanced / Reset Z-Wave chip and booted it). After that I re-read the network to Vera using again command Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller (one of my Merten push button is my master controller). I have also used command Get network update from SUC/SIS but that was not working.

Only “problem” is that now my device ID values start from number 120 to 188. It seems that Vera starts from the next “free” number. Before resetting Z-Wave chip last ID was 119 so this procedure don’t clear devise ID numbers.

  1. Yes but they are unknown devices. They are visible in Merten tool device list. I have not made any associations between those devices using Merten tool because I want to use Vera scenes. If door is opened it triggers scene where I check if alarm is on and if so it activates my siren using “beeping sound” (not continuous, if association is made with Merten tool then I probably get continuous loud sound and that I don’t want to have).

I have the same issue with my Veralite and a lot of merten connect (ELJO Connect in sweden) and I “downgraded” to 2.78 from the preset 3.2 and now i can use the copy function from my z-wave network that is set up with merten connect usb/radio interface.

I have two questions from you who are using it:
I have turned of the “let vera handle associations” since I assume it will destroy the associations from the light switch (506004 4-gang) vera cannot handle. Is that correct?
I there a way to add new switches like 507900 afterwards to the Veralite without having to update the whole project from the merten usb/radio interface?