UI4 upgrade fails ... what I have found so far

So, I tired to upgrade to UI4 this evening … I have bricked the device twice so far. Each time the UI upgrade would complete I would wait about 30 minutes to make sure everything was OK and then unplug and replug in the power. Once that was done the power light would come on, then go off after about 3 seconds. The router would get an address … but the web UI would never work.

I tried doing a complete hardware reset. I uploaded the old UI2 firmware over TFTP then did an upgrade to UI4. This time the web interface came up OK. I started to configure it and before setting up the z-wave stuff I went in to get the network set correctly. I changed vera to act as a switch and configured the Wireless (WPA-WPA2 PSK) … and that was the last it worked. It went back to being powered on, but the power light did not light and again the web interface does not work.

Someone at MiCasaVerde may want to try setting Vera as a switch, or using WPA+WPA2-PSK and see what happens. This was all done on the original Vera.

I am back to using UI2 for now…

What you describe in the first paragraph is the exact thing that happened to me. Upgrade appeared to complete, after waiting about 20-25 mins with no response, I power cycled, vera got an address and respond to pings but nothing else.

The only difference is that I came back the next night, hit the reset button twice quickly and it seemed to come back to life as a UI4 box. (I am not saying that fixed anything, just describing the events).


I tested both Bridge/Gateway and Switch mode and they worked perfectly. The same goes for the WPA+WPA2 (PSK).

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we excluded the possibility that it happened on your units. We need to debug it so could you please post some more info?..


What may make Vera’s UI or SSH unavailable is the scenario when you have Vera connected to your main router and your PC as well. If you put Vera in Bridge/Gateway mode, it will enable the firewall (as that Vera is the main router and external access shouldn’t be allowed to the UI). The workaround to disable the firewall is either to disable the firewall from the start or connect a cable from your computer into the ETH2 port of Vera and disable the firewall.

I am wondering if I send you the config file for my Vera … would that help you to reproduce the problem? If you would like me to do so can you please let me know who to send it too … (I would rather not post it here on the forum). I will try the upgrade again over the weekend to see if I can narrow down the problem



A trouble ticket sent to us will contain both config files and logs, more than enough to debug this. Please state in that ticket that we discussed on the forum and what’s the problem.