UI4 dashboard down???

Hi - wouldn’t normally post this but there’s some urgency and users may reply more quickly than tech support. UI4 Dashboard has been inaccessible to me for approx 1/2 hour now. I’ve had motion sensor notices and need to know if mios dashboard is just down system wide of if there’s something nefarious going on at my locale. Don’t have camera(s) yet set up - dang!!!

I can not get to my dashboard right now either and I was in there earlier this morning.

At a minimum the web server part of cp.mios.com appears down. If you go through www.mios.com it gets stuck at logging in to cp.mios.com.

It is pingable. Forwarding servers too.

i can’t log to cp.mios.com now, it’s being working/not working during this morning ???

fwd2.mios is working for me.


it’s working again ;D