UI4 beta 1 - Deleting Sections

When clicking the X to delete a section, the section does not disappear from the list, nor does the section window close like it does when adding a section. It is then possible to attempt to rename the deleted section which causes an error popup. Browser in use is IE8. Tested also with Chrome.

Additional Note: The section is actually deleted and is not present after reloading the list. This also occurs when deleting rooms. Popup message is received to confirm room deletion, but room does not disappear from room list until list is reloaded.

Same thing for zones renaming: a full refresh is necessary to display changes, not a big deal, but a small thing to update indeed :slight_smile:

During my testing for UI4 over the last few weeks, after doing any changes, I would have to hit the save at the top to save the changes and have it refresh the page.

  • Garrett

We will look into it, thanks for pointing it out.