UI4 and existing Luup plugins

Can anyone share any experiences on luup plugins that are/working fine in UI2 and the upgrade to the UI4 beta? Are plugins broken with the upgrade.
Another question a little off topic - has UI4 done anything with Z-wave reliability or linux kernel version vs. UI2?
I’m curious how much of an undertaking an upgrade will be.

There have been a few reports of some plugins needing updates and others that may still have some odd behavior.
I presently have a few non MIOS marketplace ones running fine but YMMV. Suggest doing a good backup first of what you have in case you have to revert back to UI2.

I guess its about as stable as UI2 and I the only time I get any problems is when I change something and break it myself.
I know in UI4 they have updated the kernel which has probably fixed a few things but broken some others. For instance I think sunset /sunrise scenes are not firing in UI4 due to these changes, and MCV are currently debugging that.

The upgrade process has been overhauled for reliability in big way, which is a plus!

Unfortunately they never give much change info but either way Its a great step forward.

If the UI2 Plugin (D_xxxx.xml) has Event-list and Scene-list declarations, then these will need to be moved out to the new D_xxxx.json file for UI4.

For ex, my Alarm Plugin does this, so I have to release a UI4 specific version of it to work correctly (once I’ve fully tested it)

Thanks Guessed… does the formatting stay the same when I move it to the json file?

The only real examples I know of at the moment are in Javier’s DSC Alarm panel code:


I haven’t checked in to changes required to the Paradox (as yet). The data looks about the same, the format is a little different and there’s some “extra’s” for the Dialog UI elements.

Thanks guessed…