UI3-Stupid Question

Just got UI 3 up and running. I can see my devices, but my stupid question of the day is how do i control them. All i have is the devices in each room with a gear-icon and when i click on them it takes me to the setup. I’m sure that i’m missing something very silly, but i’ve been staring at this thing for an hour now and i’m still lost. Thanks everyone for all of your help getting this thing running. I think this forum is what makes this product what it is.

Not a stupid question but a stupid UI if a person cant figure it out intuitively, sorry cant help I’m on an older UI that works

So, you’re saying that it is NOT intuitive, lol.

The icons may have ended up in that devices (might be called something else, its near the top on the right) slide-out menu
If they are in there they just need to be dragged into each room.
The gear icons probably represent sensors or camera or something that isn’t quite defined.
Lighting however should be a lightbulb icon and when you click it it should open a pop-up with on/off buttons and tabs for advanced setings.
There is also a small power icon on each device icon for direct control.

coryj, you’ll have to forgive pgrover516 - he meant to say he’s on an older UI that just works. :wink:

All of my icons are now the gears. they were lights in 979, but now they are gears. I upgraded to UI3(whatever that version is) and it crashed. then i used the flash program to put ui3 in and restored my 979 file. I think that is what is messing things up. Am I right? How do I go to 979 again? and try and upgrade again.

I’ve been on UI3 for several months and have not experienced what you’re describing. I’m also on a Mios box.

mind your manners Rancho, lol 8)