UI3 Including Device Problems

Need some advice from UI3 Veterans. I’m new to this device and am having trouble adding devices to Vera. The
devices are in wall intermatic switches and schlage locks.

Initially, I was thrown off by the error in the supplemental documentation… on what lights blink and
what lights are solid when the device is include mode. Contrary to the supplemental documentation the
ETH1 blinks and the ZWave light is solid, and the ZWave light flutters once an item is paired.

After getting that figured out, I have been able to get three of the wall sockets included and two
trane thermostats and that is it. I can’t get the remaining three sockets or the schlage locks.

The only thing I can figure is the three sockets that I can’t get included I have paired with a GE
Remote. Would think you can have an outlet paired to multiple devices.

Also, can get the mobile iphone app to work. I have downloaded the plug-in from mios.

Since I have yet to get help from micasa on submitted tickets I thought I would ask the user

you can’t pair (include) a device to 2 controllers. You can have multiple controllers but there is always one that is in charge (the primary) and then others that ‘get their orders’ from the primary controller (these are called secondary controllers.

you need to unpair (exclude) the devices from the ge controller and then pair them to the vera.

THEN you can have the ge controler become a “secondary” controller to the vera. (basically vera remains “in charge” but gives the ge controller all the information it needs to in order to play nice)

sorry I can’t help you with excluding as I dont have the new vera hardware or a ge controller. But you can use either one to do it. Basically excluding tells the device to forget any pairing info it has and start from scratch, so any controller can tell it to do that.

also- the schlage locks are secure devices so the method to pair MIGHT be different. (on the old vera hardware it was- but i thought the whole point of the new hardware was to avoid the need for a different method for shlage locks and other secure devices.)

might want to try ‘excluding’ the lock first also and then try to include it to the vera.

Thanks. Just the ticket for the intermatic outlets. Still having problems with the Schlage Locks. Going
to take the battery out and start over with them and see if that helps.