UI3 features available in UI2?

I used UI3 for a few days before reverting back to UI2, and I noticed a few extra features in UI3 that either aren’t in UI2 or I haven’t found them in UI2. Can anybody confirm whether these features are available in UI2?

  1. On battery-powered devices, there was a field where you could enter the percentage at which Vera would warn you about the battery level of the device. So, for example, you could tell it to warn you whenever the batter level fell below 25%. I couldn’t actually get it to work in UI3, but it would still be a nice feature to have in UI2.

  2. In UI3, each device has its own “Notifications” tab, where you can create notification rules for that device. The closest I’ve found to this in UI2 is the ability to create scenes with events that have notifications.

  3. When creating scenes in UI3, there was the ability to set device variables in addition to sending commands. So, for example, instead of just sending the “ON” or “OFF” command to a light switch, I could also set any of its device variables to new values. I could see this being really useful, though I don’t actually have a need for it right now.