UI Weather Widget and home PWS

I see that the UI7 has a weather widget. I have an Ambient Weather station at my house which also provides data to WeatherUnderground and PWS. My Vera location can only be set to the City, which is not exactly the same temperature since I am a few miles away. Is there a way to specify a weather station ID vs City for the widget to display?

I don’t think so. That widget calls out to an API in the mios cloud server. So it is limited to what that server provides. It isn’t relying on WU.

Thanks, so do you think it could be more feasible for them to set more locations that can then be pulled down from the widget menu, ie communities within the City. I see already one community but mine is not on the list, how can one ask for this.

I would start by opening a ticket but knowing how swamped they are frying bigger fish at the moment, don’t expect a response any time soon.

Related to this I have posted a problem with their proxy handling violating RFC standards which prevents the mios weather API to be called when going through a proxy and provided the code fix months ago and they never did anything with it. Can’t do much beyond bringing the horse to the river if the horse prefers to die from thirst.

If I were you I would not rely on that widget and use another weather plugin instead. One which connects to WU so that you can use the data from your PWS.