UI for using Qubino 1-10V dimmer as set point control

Hi all,

I have a Qubino 1-10V dimmer connected to the balanced ventilation unit in my house.
The 1-10V input signal determines the temperature set point, from 10 to 30 degrees C. So every 0,5 volt input represent a degree. Zero volts equals a set point of 10 degrees, and ten volts represent a set point of 30 degrees. This works perfectly fine.

The only challenge is that the control is represented in Vera as a dimmer, with the normal scale of 0-100%. So, a set point of 50% equals 5 volts, which again is a set point of 20 degrees C. Not very user friendly.
I would like to see the control of the dimmer as set point in a virtual thermostat device.
Any ideas and suggestions on how I could achieve this is greatly appreciated!