UI 7 update 7.0.15 adding "1" to window sensors?

I have Fibaro FK101 ( I think that’s the model number, on my phone) non Gen 5. To my surprise they all have a “1” after their names now such as “Kitchen Window Sensor 1”. Messed up a some PLEG.

Sorry if posted already, haven’t seen it mentioned.

I had this happen to a Linear relay, more importantly the device ID changed so PLEGs and plugins had to be adjusted. The relay now shows the correct buttons (open, close) instead of (on, off)

Yup, was going to come back and amend this. I think it created copies of the devices and the “1” is that copy… and somehow got rid of the original ones. That’s why they have new ID’s.

Broke my garage door plugin also.

Nothing earth shattering, but not something that should have ever happened in the update. WTF GetVera?

I have seen this behaviour too, and I have some devices that disappeared from the device list in the web interface but still show in the Vera Mobile app. I don’t know if these problems are related, but something odd seems to be going on.

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