TZ66D & FGS221 Output 2 Control


I’ve put a TZ66D wall mounted on/off module in our utility room and a FGS221 in our garage which controls 2 outside lights. The idea is that the left paddle on the TZ66D controls the utility light - this works, the right paddle is associated with the FGS221 and can switch remotely Output 1 - this works.
Each device can be seen by vera - utility light - outside light 1 - outside light 2, and are controllable via the web interface.
I want the right paddle double press to associate with Output 2 of the FGS221 but it does not show up in the associations list because Output 2 seems to be a child - it only shows the parent device. I’m guessing I have to select the parent device and then put a value in the text box beside it, how can I find that value? Has anyone achieved this?


To make an association to the second relay of a Fibaro FGS221 you have to use a Multi-channel association. Select the parent device and then enter 2 in the Multi-channel association field.

Note that while Vera can setup a Multi-channel association, it does not seem to be able to remove it. If you want to break the association you would need to exclude and re-include the sending device.

Thanks for the info. I’ve tried it and get the error:

Failed at: Setting special association

It’s configured like this:

Group ID: 3
Set to: 44
Currently: 44

Group ID: 2
Set to: 44.2

So Group ID 3 is fine and working, Group ID 2 is causing the error and we can see it has no current value. I’ve tried unpairing with vera then Including into the network again and setting the associations but still get the fault. I get this on both of my TZ66D’s.

Any other suggestions?


Maybe the TZ66D does not support multi-channel association. I don’t have one so I cannot test it. The manual I found online does not mention it. Perhaps another user will advise us.