Two ZW4005 Smart-Switches in 3-way configuration - Wiring help needed

I purchased two GE/Jasco ZW4005 Smart-Switches to wire in a 3-way setup. I originally had a aux switch setup, but since I use these to trigger scenes in addition to the lights, I needed the instant-on status update so I went with two full switches instead. The problem I’m having is that I don’t think it’s wired up correctly. I can’t use the 2nd switch unless the first switch is turned on first. Then once I turn off the 2nd switch I have to turn on the first one again before I can use the 2nd one. Like one switch is powering the 2nd switch rather than actually being a 3-way setup. GE doesn’t have directions for wiring this kind of setup, only the aux switches which are wired differently.

I found this diagram online for some Insteon switches which makes me believe I need to connect the LINE/LOAD wires inside the first box with a pigtail to the LINE input.

I have attached my current wiring diagram. If anyone can help that would be super awesome!

My understanding from the manual (don’t use these myself) is that you canot use two masters, you have to use a master and aux switch

First of all, this switch does not support Instant Status. You may enjoy pseudo Instant Status form the master switch if your Vera is close enough to the switch, but it is not Instant Status.

Secondly, only one GE12722(ZW4005) can be used in a circuit. For n-way applications the single GE12722 is combined with one or more GE12723 Auxiliary switches. And as you seem to have found, when activating the light through the auxiliary switch, even the pseudo Instant Status does not work.

Attached is a diagram that shows how to properly wire these switches in your type of circuit.

Wound up just going back to the add-on switch and reversing where each was located. Mostly does what I want. I still figured you could use two full switches, but oh well.