Two way update of status


I have all working to control Lightwave RF wall switches. Sadly I recently noticed (after writing a long PLEG scenario) that manual operation of the switch does not update the status on Vera but does vice versa. So manual “on” leaves Vera showing “off” but if I turn “on” via Vera, the light comes on and Vera shows correct status.

Is there any way to have manual operation update the Vera status - If not is there any way to store some sort of variable that show the status of the manual adjustment?

Thank you.

Unfortunately no. You discover the big disadvantage of all these HA protocols that are not including the transmit of the device status.
Z-Wave is one the HA protocols that is providing this major feature.


thanks for the reply - what a bummer… that means my idea is no good - wanted to use the wall switch if on-off-on-off to trigger event :frowning:

time to rethink…