Two GE 45609 together as 3-way

Normally a 45609 and 45610 are paired together for a 3-way. I would like to have the LED indicator on both switches. Will two 45609 switches function as a 3-way switch?



I haven’t tried it, but my guess would be no. (AFAIK, the aux switch sends signals to the primary. When you have two primaries, neither switch would be sending signals, they would both be listening. And normally, the communication is one-way, from auxiliary to primary; presumably the reason there is no LED on the aux switch.)

Thanks. Might be a good time to try the Evolve switches. Those both appear to have LED indicators.

I have some Leviton switches which support LED on the Aux, however, I’m not a fan of the bottom only button design.

Yup, not everyone likes that style of paddle. Or the fact that the LED is directly below the paddle. The Leviton’s do support instant status though.