Tuya smart control device and Vera control

I have a Vera plus and wanted to add more devices. I got a discount for two tuya smart home wifi device outlets. I have to download a separate app to control these. Is there a way to add this device to the Vera plus hub? Also I am wondering what kind of other devices will Vera control
Zwave I know works. For example insteon, zigbee, Bluetooth etc. Thx

I have an Insteon garage door relay that works well. I have heard that Zigbee devices are more hit than miss. And any device that uses http for communication you can program Vera to communicate with a Wi-Fi device. I have Vera talking to Blue Iris on a PC, as an example.

how is this integration or programming done in Vera Plus ?!

Some people use LUA, some use PLEG, and some use Reactor. I was never a programmer so LUA was not something I wanted to tackle. If you search the Blue Iris topic, you will find how to send and receive http requests to arm and disarm the software, and receive triggers into Vera. You can structure the requests with LUA and execute it in a scene. With PLEG and Reactor, you can simple have Vera execute the requests. Back when I had made that comment in 2017, I was using PLEG. Since then, I have migrated to Reactor.

Here is a sample of Reactor sends to Blue Iris to arm it:

And a sample what Blue Iris sends to Vera Plus when an armed camera detects motion:

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