Turn A/C off if Door Lock is open

How can the VeraLite use Yale YRD220-ZW-619 Touch Screen Deadbolt lock status (i.e. locked/unlocked) to turn the a/c on/off (2-Gig CT100)?

You can create a scene for this, but this doesn’t seem like a good idea in my eyes (they are a bit blurry at times tho).

So if you home and someone knocks on the door, you take out the trash, get the paper, mail or what ever you want the a/c to shut off? When do you want it to turn back on?

Home and Away may make more sense but if you explain what your trying to do someone can chime in with some ideas.

Another common thing is not by the lock but rather by the door or window sensors. And not instantly but rather a delay. If the door or window is left open for say 3-5 min then shut off a/c. That way you entering and any temporary opening wont shut off so quick. Also alot of logic needs to be used to know when to restart the A/C.

i use a scene for this … it starts a timer for 5 minutes

after this time it checks if the door is still open … if so … turn OFF A/C

but thats more wife sitting …

the solid on/off aautionation is based on work patterns (multiwitch) and home/away (virtual switch)