TTS with Azure not working again

TTS with Sonos/Azure stop working again with my VeraSecure and VeraPlus, but it is working with Vera 3.

Please try installing the latest hotfix package in the pinned post in this topic.

Long shot, but I know since yesterday Microsoft has been issues with Outlook and Teams, maybe Azure is effected?

By mistake i downloaded 20229-01.
Now it work with 20273
Thank you Patrick for your work.


I had the same issue, which installing the latest SONOS TTS revision did not cure. Turns out my Azure app had somehow silently expired, so I had to navigate through Microsoft’s ridiculously byzantine website to re-create those credentials.

Once I obtained and pasted the applet Key into Sonos, everything resumed working as expected.

I’m making this the official thread for any ongoing Azure issues:

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