TTS failing on Vera 3 with 7.0.19B

I’m not quite sure what’s happening as the plugin still plays my Sonos stations just fine. But TTS just results in silence. This after support had to reset my Vera 3, do the upgrade and restore from a backup due to a lack of space.
Everything else is working just fine with the plugin. Just TTS is failing. It’s working on my VeraPlus though which has 7.0.19B and the same Sonos plugin.

Anybody have an idea what I can do? If I run a TTS scene it tells me success but not a peep out of any of my Sonos speakers. If music is playing, there is no hickup indicating the command is not reaching the speaker(s).

Worst case, I’ll have to recreate my Sonos vera 3 scenes on the Vera Plus. Not looking forward to that task though so any assistance is greatly appreciated. I haven’t realized how ‘dependent’ I’ve become on the TTS scenes that tell me the weather, if a door is opened or if a door is unlocked when I’m about to g to bed to name but a few. I can’t wait to be able to tell Alexa something like ‘Alexa: door status’ and the Vera scene that checks locks and uses TTS on the Sonos fire off.

Don’t know if it is related but tried Say The Weather and all was silent. Tried TTS command and all was quit. Using Microsoft TTS engine. Maybe time to wake up Mary. Using Vera Lite on UI5

mine is working with the MS engine still.

Hmmmm, just got home and tried TTS and it talked to me. Go figure.

I tried both MS and Mary. No luck. But as said, it works on my other Vera. I just noticed the Yamaha http plugin is non-functional also. (But works on my Plus) I’m starting to think the reset and subsequent restore by support may have messed up some of the plugins. If I recall correctly there is a URL one can use to re-install a plugin. Time to do a forum search for that…

Update: found the URL http://ip_address:3480/data_request?id=action&serviceId=urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1&action=CreatePlugin&PluginNum=<Plugin_ID> In my case 4226 for the Sonos plugin.

Which did the trick, I have TTS again.

yea ;D