trying to use the light sensor EZ Motion 3 in 1 no luck!!

I am using the light level in micasaverde. but only if I make a scene can I get it to work, in my living room. I have the Light
Threshold set to 40% and associates it with 2 plug. but no matter how I do the settings I can still not get the light to only go on when the light level is under 40% I have a lot of lights that works fine with the sensor and lua code that make them only go on if the level of light is lower than a set number. the reason I am NOT using thes sensor with scenes is that direct association works better in my eyes. If you read the manual it should be possible to have a direct association and not have the lights go on if the light in the roon in higer then the set level. has anybody had luck would direct association with this sensor and the light level.please tell me what you did this is driving me crazy.