Trying to get a wall remote to activate scenes in because Micasaverde.

Hello I am trying to make a work around to get and QEES 4 bottom button wall remote to work, to activate a scene. it is the first model they came out whit that did not work with sceens, only to turn on and off directly associated Z wave product. What I have done is, I have created two scenes that are linked up to a plug everspring ad1422. Then I have created two scenes when the plug is turned off do something and where the plug is turned on do somethingthis this way I taught I could control the sceens. it does seem to work when the plug is manually turn off or turn on. the only problem is when I use the remote to turn on or off the plug it does not seem to send the information to miso. The status off the plug in mios first changes when it has been Pollt I tried to set the polling of the device down to one second but it does not seem to poll the device more often then each 40-50 seconds. My setup is micasaverde 2 firmware 1.5.622 does anyone know if there is a way to make the plug always send an update when the device has been turned on or turned off via directly associated remote.

It sounds as though your wall plug does not send instant status reports. Your scheme will only work well with devices that do. Changing the polling interval for a single device will have very little effect as Vera polls all devices in turn.

Do you have any devices with the instant-status feature? Most Fibaro modules should work and I believe most Leviton switches would too.