TRV's reporting wrong setpoint values on Vera Plus

I have a few StellaZ’s, and they send a Vera Alert message when certain setpoints have been set (I am using PLEG for this). Sometimes I can see in the WebUI that the setpoint has been changed, but I receive no message. Also on my iRule app on my iPad, which queries the TRV setpoints, the setponts displayed are different to what is being shown in the WebUI and the actual setpoint.
If I query my devices with
http://my Vera IP:3480/data_request?id=sdata&output_format=xml

i get this:

The setpoint=“2” is what PLEG is using to decide if to send a message. But the actual setpoint is 25. So PLEG is not sending the message, as that is assuming the setpoint is 2, but the actual setpoint is 25.

I had similar weirdness on my thermostats (Horstmanns) and TRVs (Danfoss) after migration from a Vera 3 on UI5 to Vera Plus. I did a “Configure now” on all of them and that fixed the problem.

Did you include these on your Vera Plus, or did you migrate recently like me?

I migrated them. I have to do a regular ‘configure now’ every few weeks anyway as they all stop responding after a while, so that doesnt solve the problem for me. I had them stop responding on my Vera 3 UI5 as well, so at least that hasnt changed… ::slight_smile:

Yeah, I had a few StellaZ units as well. Worked fine but they did stop responding every few months or so. In my case they reported a reasonable setpoint, but they’d report a current temperature of 0 degrees (I had a scene trigger on that to alert me)

This is why I ended up replacing them with Danfoss LC13 TRVs. So far they have behaved well.

Are you using the Danfoss on a Vera PLus ? I have thought about getting one just to test. And are you suing them with batteries ? I’ve converted my StellaZ’s to mains

I switched to a Plus a few days ago. And most of my TRVs are on mains; I have only 1 on battery so it’s a bit early to say anything about battery life. I set the wake up interval on all units to 5 minutes (the minimum).