Troubleshoot CStat-ZW


I have Both a hrt4 and a cstat for my 2 zone heating. I’ve managed to get the hrt4 paired eventually and both relay are shown in Vera but the c-stat does not reposnd to pairing with the Vera. I’ve tried pairing and unpairing etc.

One important point is the cstat will pair directly with the receiver using the network button but nothing happens during Vera pairing. Is there anything else I can do or am I stuck with a manual stat?



I’ve got mine all working well for the past few years, the c-stat (17-zw) having the built in programme and vera for overriding it when needed.

From memory, i added all the devices to vera, heaters and cstat, then used the associate menu of the stat to have the direct association.
The stat added as normal using learn and nif send.


Now that is interesting. What is the actual process for pairing… I was trying to use “include” but I was fiddling before I read your reply and I did get a response using “NIT” and “learn” but it didn’t add properly (but at least it sensed the stat)