Trouble with "Watts" setting

So, I just tried to set the “Watts” setting for all my lighting devices tonight, only to realize that Vera is not storing my settings… or at least not displaying them.

Anyone else having problems with this functionality? (I’m I firmware version .980)

Thanks in advance!

This feature does not work now in latest Luup firmware versions, including 980. It is promised to be available in the next release (no idea when it will be though)

The Watts setting/displaying used to work perfectly fine in the stable firmware releases, including 616.

Thanks for the info denix!

Too bad this isn’t available for the beta software releases…any idea if it is because the energy usage data is saved to the MCV servers?

Sorry, but it has been 3 months. We should have a firmware where “watts” works. I know they say this is beta, but in my opinion it isn’t. Many of the features that is advertised, and the reason I bought Vera, are only available on the so called Beta software.


The Energy function doesn’t work in version 1.0.979, we are working on a solution to implement devices which will collect real data for energy consumption, not the one the user enters in a field. So you can leave that field blank for the moment if you get that error (which shouldn’t happen anyway).