Trouble with empty Alerts

Hi Richard,

I am having an issue, I don’t know if it is PLEG, Alerts, or LogicTimer but in the attached status, as you can see, I have a LogicTimer that changes flag between each action. The actions are working perfectly and in the UI, the flags are changing perfect also, but I only receive alerts (the last one in the report) ocassionally, not when the flag changes as each should be. I also receive them with an empty alert (not even the text I manually wrote). I have also tried with the condition with the underscore first, that way, I receive multiple alerts for the same flag set, that is normal, because the action gets in a loop and sets the flag to the same more than once, but I still receive the empty alerts sometimes with that setting.

My thinking is that without the underscore, it should work and only send the alert once when the flag changes instead of none alert, and the empty alert … well, I don’t know where it is coming from. Although it is a temp alert, I put it there just for debugging, it grab my attention.

Regards and thank you.

I scanned the Vera Alerts logs … I do not see any recent ones with empty alerts.
They are all:

Each one is sent twice. Looks like the Device property is changed twice … I see two events about 1/2 second apart. You may want to turn the PLEG LOG on and see whats happening.

Richard, then it must be a VeraAlert bug, see the attached images.

[ol][li]The first one, tooked at 16.32, shows empty Alerts.[/li]
[li]The second one, tooked at 16.34 after terminating VeraAlerts and opening it again, deletes those empty alerts from history.[/li][/ol]

I know it is not my phone because last week I was using a Galaxy S3 and it was happening, this week I got an S4 and I installed everything fresh (restore my VeraAlerts ID) and I am having the same empty alerts that then disappear.


I misunderstood what you meant by empty alerts. I thought you meant the alert from this PLEG instance was empty.

I see what is happening … You had 8 Vera Restarts in a row … about 1 minute apart …
(I hope your Vera is not having problems) And from your post I see that you only show 5.
I think why they disappear is because of the auto cleanup.

What is your Max Message Count setting on your phones Vera Alerts app ?
I have a feeling it has something to do with that.

Do you know why you are getting two alerts for each Timer change in the PLEG ?

Richard, thanks for your quick reponse. About having problems with Vera, I don’t have, I have all that restarts because it was the moment where I updated PLEG to version 5.0 so I installed PLEG, Core, PLTS, Vera Alerts and then the Patch, Open a tab and hit save, and then open a trigger and hit save, that is way I have so many in a row… It was just coincidence, because the problem happens even when Vera is working fine, I recieve this empty Alerts. I have set the Auto Cleanup set to 0 (attached). I have noted that it happens when I receive multiple alerts in a short time.


OK, It’s a problem on the phone side … because I see all of the data in the logs on the Vera Exchange … I will look into the problem on the phone side.

This is the first time I have seen the localized Vera Apps program.

Thank you Richard.

Richard, just for your information, I noted something, the Empty Alerts are not erased as we presumed first when VeraAlerts is killed and opened again, they are real alerts (that is why you can’t find them in the Exchange server), but the GUI shows them as empty, when you kill VeraAlerts and restart it, they don’t disappear, they are corrected instead! Look at the attached screenshots, it is exactly the same, I took the screenshot, killed and opened VeraAlerts, and before getting a new alert, take a new screenshoot.

Do you normally leave Vera Alerts Running ? And is that when you see them ?

Yes Richard, my VeraAlerts is always running in the background of my Android, right now I have been killing it just when I see empty alerts. Thanks for the follow up

Just for the record, I got an empty alert today also. First time. Out of the blue. I was at home and there didn’t seem to be anything going on that would have caused an alert. Basically all of my alerts are triggered or accompanied by some type of action. As one would expect.