Trouble including new HA07 remote

I already have three on my system. Am trying to add a fourth, but it’s been a while since I’ve done this. I"m following these instructions, but something is going awry.

I get VL to the “add one remote” stage. I put the remote into COPY RA mode. However, it sits there indefinitely blinking. Meanwhile, the status bar on the UI5 page shows node found, failed to learn, and then reloads. Momentarily I see a scene controller as a new device, but when the reload happens, it disappears.

Does VL just not have the horsepower to do more than three remotes? I have two other never-paired extra remotes and tried it with them as well. Same results.

I’ve done the factory reset on the remotes, still no dice.

Anyone have a better grasp on what may be going on here?

I committed cardinal sin number one - when something doesn’t work, power-cycle it. That’s all it took. I yanked the power to the VL, and upon reboot, tried it again. Worked just fine.