Trouble adding light modules

I’m moving my system to our newly built house and i’ve added a # of cooper lighting modules (dimmers and regular on/off switches). I’m really struggling as I can add the devices but for some reason I cannot move them to a created “room” or rename them. Everytime it saves it resents the device back to the default import. Can anyone help? I’m going to try resent the vera 2 unit and start over but any help is greatly appreciated.

I’ll post just because I can see it’s been a few days…

MiCasaVerde has posted a thread about server issues. See here: LINK

I don’t know if that has anything to do with your issue. However, I know that I’ve seen the same issue, where you can’t save a device to a room (it just jumps back to its original location when the page reloads). I usually found that making changes in small steps–rename, save; relocate, save–seems to help. I couldn’t tell you why.

Try if the wizard (top-left-corner) will do it for you. It seems some how that they uses diffrent ways to do things.
For me it sometimes works best with the wizard or then the Add / Remove Devices does the trick.