Trip Sensors?

Does anybody know of a company that makes compatible trip sensors? They seem they would be much more useful that all the door ones that are easily found.

This is at least hidden from view before the door is opened. Is that what you’re looking for?

What is a trip sensor?

break beam

I haven’t seen any wave enabled but there are plenty with output contacts with which you could wire a wave relay.

What is a trip sensor?[/quote]

Laser running across an area which could trigger a scene if you walk through it. I’m more looking for a way to identify where somebody is and in which direction they are moving. The thing I don’t like about the door sensors are that if they open, are you coming or going? The motion sensors I’ve had bad luck with as sunlight seems to trigger them.

A pic of an Everspring Door Sensor relay (removed from it’s case) here:,22594.msg153157.html#msg153157

Must provide laser and power.