Triggers show true when not (motion sensors)


I have a couple of motion sensor triggers in PLEG that seem to show as true in PLEG even though there is no motion. These are wired sensors coming from the DSC plugin. On the dashboard when showing true in PLEG they are not displaying motion on the device. Only affects a couple of sensors. Is it possible the sensor is faulty, or is this possibly a PLEG issue? What can I look for in debug to see if the “motion off” event is being sent / received by PLEG?


Update: I removed the triggers from PLEG and re-added them and now they seem to behave themselves. RTS are you aware of any bugs that may be causing this? I have replaced one of the sensors just as a control in case the issue comes back.


If your logic was defined in UI5 … and you are NOW on UI7 then this is a known problem caused because MCV changed the trigger definitions for security devices in a NON backward compatible ways … requiring you to delete and re-create those triggers.

This affects Scene Trigger that were migrated as well!

Hi RIchard

No that’s not it as I have built up from scratch on a new veraplus. Does this bug affect security triggers in any other way?


Did you add/remove any Zones in the DSC plugin ?

Well, I installed the DSC plugin from scratch as well, so zones were added then, but not touched since. It’s still behaving itself at the moment, so hopefully just a glitch. Will come back if it does it again.