Triggering on Armed Away not possible?

If I am setting up a trigger, I select the Elk’s Area 1, and then Armed Detailed State. The dropdown menu lists a bunch of stuff (e.g. Stay, Stay Instant, Night, Night Instant, etc), but it does not list Away or Exit. It DOES list Vacation, but as far as I know, there is no Vacation mode on the Elk.

Could someone clarify? Am I missing something?

Here is the correlation between the plugin and what the Elk M1 supports: -

state == “Disarmed” =“a0” – Disarm
state == “Armed” = “a1” – Arm Away
state == “Stay” = “a2” – Arm Stay
state == “StayInstant” = “a3” – Arm Stay Instant
state == “Night” = “a4” – Arm Night
state == “NightInstant” = “a5” – Arm Night Instant
state == “Vacation” = “a6” – Arm Vacation

And as per protocol document: -

Arming Level. Range: 0 to 8.
0 = Disarm
1 = Armed Away
2 = Armed Stay
3 = Armed Stay Instant
4 = Armed Night
5 = Armed Night Instant
6 = Armed Vacation
7 = Arm to next Away Mode Version 4.2.8 or later Not supported in plugin
8 = Arm to next Stay Mode Version 4.2.8 or later Not supported in plugin

Hopefully that answers the question :slight_smile:


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