Triggering event via IR

I’ve seen this discussed a few times, but am honestly having a little difficulty narrowing down the answer. Using the Vera2 with my USB-UIRT, I can transmit an IR signal without problems. I can set up scenes such that using SQRemote or the web interface, I can trigger a zwave event, that then triggers an IR transmit event. However, I want to be able to send an IR event to the USB-UIRT, then have a zwave event be triggered. Can anyone shed some additional light on the feasibility of this?


I believe they never coded it to do 2 way communication, so I doubt its possible!

Please ask MCV to send you the document ‘’ which contains instructions on IR learning (USB-UIRT, …). But I doubt that you can trigger a Luup event via IR …

… and if you own a Squeezebox or a Transporter, you should take a look at LOUIS4Vera.

That’s a shame that the 2 way communication was never considered. It would have been nice to experiment with that.

I don’t own a squeezebox or transporter… Though I’m curious, are you suggesting that with the squeezebox and the app, that I might be a able to achieve My goal of submitting and IR signal to trigger a Luup event?


Oh, BTW Strangely … I was remiss in an earlier thread for not thanking you for your help. A couple weeks ago I asked for help getting IR commands to work with the UIRT - your feedback was very helpful - Thanks!!

agreed. its half of the USB-UIRTs functionality dead to Vera. :cry:

you could maybe install lirc and have a script/job run when those IR commands are sent? not sure how youd tie that to a scene but seems feasible

The document that @Ap15e refers to above is about “enabling” the IR Learning side of the house on the USB-UIRT so it gets you steps closer. Not quite the same thing as IR-Control, but it might be possible to get it to work that way, with a little effort or course.

Does the USB-UIRT have a IR-Receiver “good enough” for long-distance reception, or is it really intended just for short-range learning?

I haven’t played with enough to quite determine it’s range. For the codes I did learn, I read them at short distance, but the device was able to receive the IR command from a good 15 feet. I was also able to create a scene where triggering a zwave event triggered the IR code. For example, when I turned my track lighting off, the UIRT sent a code to also turn off the TV. SInce the UIRT is certainly capable of receiving and transmitting, I wad hoping for this scenario to also be possible the other way around. I’d like to send the IR code to the UIRT, then have Vera pass a Luup event after receipt of the IR code. As far as learning goes, there are a few apps out there that very easily read an IR command for a given device to then get to code for input into Vera. I’m not sure if the document you are referring to provides the same insight, but I will certainly request it.

I concur that I think its pretty sensitive (from memory at least) as I think I tested it for receiving commands on my PC with MCE.

Though I'm curious, are you suggesting that with the squeezebox and the app, that I might be a able to achieve My goal of submitting and IR signal to trigger a Luup event?

My Luup plugin LOUIS4Vera is a Line Oriented User Interface for Squeezebox Server. Using an IR remote you can control all your devices and run all your scenes.

You are asking for a much simpler scenario which could be implemented with a few lines of Luup code. All you need is a Squeezebox V2/V3 or a Transporter and the free Squeezebox Server.

OK, after considering a USB IR R/T and also screwing around (and failing) at z wave control from my Harmony 890 pro, I gave up and used this simple solution instead:
Tauntek TinyIR receiver TinyIR2 Learning IR remote control receiver
I used this receiver that outputs signals based on learned IR commands, then I route those signals to some inputs on my Elk security panel and use those to trigger scenes.

I can now use my TV remote to turn the ceiling fan on/off and to execute a dim / bright scene for watching TV. It only ties up two buttons on the remote and works well.

Kludgy? yes! but the WAF is quite high. In fact this was all started by a comment saying she missed the fan at our old house which had a remote control.

One reason I gave up on the 890pro is that this IR receiver will work with any future remote that I get. The biggest limitation is the number of input signals, but it’s mostly limited by the number of zone inputs that you choose to dedicate. The chip is limited to 22 codes.

My security panel has 12V inputs with pull up resistors and the TinyIR outputs +5V, so I ran the 5V to the gate of a transistor and use that to pull the 12V input to ground.