Trigger that catches any manual change to thermostat

Ultimately I’m trying to create a single trigger, if possible, that can notice if there has been any manual change to the set temp, mode, etc of any of our thermostats, and depending on some criteria, either change the setting back to the original and send an email alert (I have the smtp plugin, working great!). I see that I could manually create a lot of different triggers to accomplish this, and without any luup code at that, but I’d rather create one scene that continuously polls for changes to the thermostats, and ignores changes that are fired from my other scenes (i.e., ignores changes that the vera sets itsself). I’m just looking for some guidance, i.e., is this possible, and if so, what’s the best way to accomplish it.

Thanks in advance!

To make it under one scene would make it tough. You’ll have to use luup code and lua to script something together. Have a look at the luup.variable_watch action. It will allow you to watch certain variables for changes. You can than script around that if something changes.

  • Garrett