Trigger Scene based on X10 command -MCV?

Is it possible to trigger a scene based on Vera hearing a particular X10 code on the powerline?

I can add an X10 device to a scene along with the action (on/off). Unfortunately it seems to trigger only if I turn that X10 device on/off from Vera. If I turn it on/off by sending an X10 command from somewhere else then Vera won’t trigger the scene.

Is there a way to do this and have Vera listen to the powerline? perhaps with advanced scenes?

Many Thanks


Really? As I sit here waiting for my FT232 cable to arrive, so I can connect Vera to a 2412U PLM, I’m astonished to hear you say that the #1 reason I have for deploying X10 … may not work!?

Seems to natural to want Vera to respond to X10 commands coming through the powerline!

Did you set up a Scene to try what you want? Is something like “An X10 command is received” available as a Scene trigger/event?

Let’s keep each other posted about this (basic) functionality.

Well there is no device in the device list for the X10 device. So I figured i’d create an appliance module on say G1. Then add a scene to say “When G1 = On”, this doesn’t work.

Under advanced scenes I see

Device: Insteon Network

Then have the options of


No idea how to use these…

Can anyone from MCV chime in?


Seems like X-10 is extremely low priority…nobody is even responding!


But it is a priority! If you search the bug report page you will see that this is a main concern for now.

Assuming you are talking about Mantis - I just checked there before I posted here again. I don’t see it.

Yes, Mantis. There are some bug reports with X10 issues. Aaron is taking care of it.

None of them are related to this issue

are the only two x10 issues outstanding.

I hope Aaron is working on it anyway!

This is a VERY important feature for me.

I have about $11k invested in my X10 system and will not be able to replace most of the parts anytime soon. FYI, my X10 system is a Liteolier PLC based system with Firewalls. Every switch is 2-way and the firewalls isolate any bad traffic. My system was installed in 2002 and has run almost completely flawless since installation. I can count on one hand the times that the system didn’t work as expected.

Anyway, I have been running Homevision for my house controller and will be replacing it with Vera. Hopefully it will work out.


Hi far,

To be honest I’m not sure MCV are going to fix this one. I haven’t heard anything back from them.


madas, that’s kind of an hush statement. Have you any idea of the work that has to be done? And yes, Aaron is taking care of it, like he always did. I hope you understand that you, our customers, are very important to us and we try as much as possible to please you. So, when you make a request, we usually try to accomplish it.

I have a very good idea of how much work has to be done, and I’m not here to attack MCV. New users have a right to know that something currently doesn’t work, and that the feature in question has had no work on it for the past month. I’m not exactly sure what is being worked on at the moment as I have previously been told that MCV were working towards increasing the stability and reliability of Vera. I have reported several times a reliability issue with scenes, it hasn’t been looked at.

So back to this issue, as stated in my posts previously (Nov 5th post) I was unable to find a bug request in Mantis related to this issue so I figured this, like some other issues I still have outstanding, became low priority.

madas, would you be kind enough to add a bug report with a detailed explanation of this? I’m sure you can write it even better than me. After you do, post the bug no. and I will assign it with High priority to Aaron. This way, we will have a feedback on the progress. Thanks and I appreciate, and know, that you’re not the kind of customer to attack us.

Bug 758 was added for the X10 trigger problem. I hope it is detailed enough

I also added Bug 759 for the unreliable scene issue which we have been discussing through email for the last few weeks.

Also, as this might help debug the scene problems, i’m curious if anything was done on

Thank you madas, I’ve assigned them to the developers.


can you even get the dashboard to display if an x-10 device is on or off?

I’m on .994 and I can’t seem to even get that to work.

Maybe that’s the issue- that vera has no idea if anything is on or off but rather just randomly sends commands?

any update on this? Is there a plan to make the x-10 interface 2-way or should we assume it’s going to stay 1-way?