Trigger scene action and get alerts more than once

How can I set the scene triggers to send alerts to more than one person and several times for the same rule
Thank you

Did you define multiple users? If not then log in to>Control (top right)->Remote Access. Once you are logged in go to Users & Account Info->Other Users->Add Users. Once you have added your users, go to your scene and under step 3 “When this scene runs…” select “Notify these people:”. Then select all the users that you defined and that should receive an email.

I am not quite sure about the best way to send multiple emails. One solution might be to create multiple scenes with the same trigger that do they same thing, i.e. sending a notification. You could also create a “Notification Device” that sends multiple notifications but that involves quite a big of programming. Maybe VeraAlert plugin could do it. There is a 30 day free trial.