Trigger on Power Level

I’m trying to replicate the function of two power saving modules in the Vera and I think its not possible with just a scene trigger but I thought I would ask
First the simpler module I have has two outlets on for the computer and one for all dependent devices, when the outlet with the computer senses the power level goes above a certain level it turns on the dependent outlet and vice-versa.

I have two Aeon power cords which sense Wattage being drawn - but the scene trigger does not allow for a trigger on level - It only allows for Device On , Device Off. Which I believe is only when you press the button or a command is sent to the device.
Without knowing too much about whats happening inside the Vera I’d think this sort of trigger could be implemented as temperature sensors can have a “when level reached” trigger.

The other type of module I was looking at implementing is one which when the power drain goes below a certain level it turns the device off after a time delay. When it senses a remote control being operated it turns the power back on. If the remote control does not actually turn on the plugged in device then after the time-delay it will turn off again.
This is used for turning of devices which use “standby” power. I’ve not started on this , but if the first scene trigger can’t work then I can’t get this one to work either.

So, my questions are: Is a trigger on a power level possible? If not, can someone suggest an alternate way of doing this. I had a look at the Wiki and I was thinking of using the Christmas tree light example to poll the devices power level and run the scene to turn off the cord based on that, With only one dependent device I probably don’t need a scene but I could probable use it later to turn down the A/C in the study etc etc

Not sure about using power, but if there is no option for this (have you tried the advance tab?), then you could perhaps either use the luup tab, or do what I do for this, and use the ping plugin!

You can take a look at,11076.msg78891.html

Sorry for delayed response as the mail notifications of updates seemed to have stopped for me.
So as the documentation is pretty scant all of the following could be wrong as its just my understanding of how things are
The LUUP tab allows for stopping a triggered scene from executing its actions . What I want is some way to trigger the scene in the first place based on the power level.
The “advanced” tab is a non-graphical way of looking at the scene execution

I’m not sure if you can use it as a trigger, but I run the following every 5 mins, which checks the power level and triggers if my device is off, (or drawing <10W) and the Z-Wave switch is on:

local lul_tmp = luup.variable_get(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1”, “Status”, 39)
local lul_watts1=luup.variable_get(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:EnergyMetering1”,“Watts”,39)

if (( tonumber(lul_watts1)<10 ) and (lul_tmp == “1”))
return true
return false

Another way to do it without checking every 5 minutes is to use the combination switch. You can use it as a trigger when the conditions are me to turn off the switch, for example.

Linking bug# 2046 (created exactly one year before this topic, but at least the feature request has been assigned…)