Trigger always evaluating true

I’m learning pleg, I have coding experience, so I pretty much get pleg. That said I have a trigger that pleg seems to always evaluate as true. I have a virtual switch set to “away” I have a trigger that should fire when my door lock is unlocked to switch off the "away"virtual switch but for some reason pleg shows this door unlocked as always true, never false. I tried using “now” but the granularity of now is limited to 60 seconds. It’s like the trigger is more being thought of as a state, rather than a trigger. From the triggers status page:


Name Description State Last True Last False
AwaySet Home Control Switch 1 is turned on false 2014-12-08 08:16:47.034 2014-12-08 08:36:47.179
FamilyUnlockDoor PIN Code #3 is entered on Front Door Lock true 2014-12-08 08:35:41.818 0

If I create a simple scene in Vera using door unlock above as trigger this works, so what’s pleg doing differently?

Suggestions? I’ve googled the hell out of this, and I’m stumped.


Some triggers are always true. This is the case for “A Pin code is entered”, which is what you are using. If you want it to trigger whenever a pin is entered, just check the “repeats” box and it will trigger each time the trigger happens.

Where is the repeats box, I can’t find it.

When you add it to a “condition” you will see under the condition name box there is a check box.

Got it, thanks!