Trane XR724 thermostat with Vera?

My HVAC has just been replaced with a new system. The contractor installed a Trane XR724 thermostat, which this Trane page says “… this home automation thermostat and control uses Z-Wave technology …”. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in the thermostat’s menus. Does anyone have experience with this device or advice to offer?

From what I read in the specification table in the link, the thermostat is wi-fi, not z-wave. If it does have z-wave, and the manual tells you how to place the thermostat in pairing mode, then you can try pairing it to the Vera as a generic device. This does not always allow every feature to work.

Thanks, although the Web page mentions Z-Wave, it’s not in the menus or mentioned in the manual. So if I can’t use Z-Wave, can Vera use WiFi to control it?

Down in the specifications section if shows connectivity for different Trane models.

I would replace the thermostat with one currently supported by Vera - 10 minute job where you switch out wires and just need to know basics about the HVAC system (type and stages), which you should be able to determine from the programming of the existing Trane. I use the Honeywell Z-Wave, which works well and is actually listed under what is the Works with Vera section of the GetVera website - although the link to Amazon does not take you to the right one at all.

Which Honeywell model might you be referring to?

In the meantime, my contractor has offered to replace it with the Trane 824. As far as I can tell, it won’t integrate with Vera’s Z-Wave either, but instead wants to replace the Vera as the controller of my Z-Wave network.

Does anyone have an 824 working with Vera?

I have three of the TH8320ZW1007, but looks like that one is no longer in production. If it were me, I would try the T6 Pro and send it back if you don’t like…

If you stay with Trane, search this forum for the XL624, which is Z-Wave.

They installed the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave. It paired immediately with my Vera Edge as a generic Z-Wave device, although it took a while before the temperature setting and readings were correct. It’s now as controllable as the RT C101 it replaced, so I’m a moderately happy camper.

Good to hear - My Honeywells send a lot of good data to Vera. Variables include ModeStatus, Mode, CurrentSetpoint Cool, CurrentSetpoint Heat, EnergyModeStatus, FanStatus, and of course CurrentTemperature.

While you don’t have access to the schedules, I find you don’t need them - when away set EnergyModeTarget to EnergySavingsMode, and then back to Normal when you return. Note the energy savings temperature set points (heat and cool) are set on the thermostat - you can’t access from Vera as they are not in the z-wave specification…