Trane TZEMT400BB3

My old z-wave thermostat decided to die a few days ago (after 2 years of service) and I placed an order for the Trane TZEMT400BB3

It ran without issue for 2 days and then died
I got a replacement, powered it up, ran one cycle of heat and then died
Anyone have one of these and have any suggestions?
Anyone have a suggestion on a decent thermostat?
Fun days having it go out in February!

What do you mean by died … have you tested your 24v leads to make sure the voltage is solid???

The display on the unit went dark and it no longer responds to z-wave commands
Have not tested the voltage - line has been solid for 8 years

I would still test the line. Just because it was working for so long does not mean that something did not break over time. It is too much of a coincidence that three units died.

  • Garrett