Trane Thermostat

Hello all,

I’ve been having a problem with my trane thermostat, I’m not certain for how long now but I think it has been a few months. It says “ERROR: Unable to get any information on node” or “Device failed to configure”

I tried removing , changing poll times, re-adding and repairing. I’d go back to an earlier backup, but I’ve since moved to UI7 (didn’t work before or after upgrade). I’ve also read other posts on it, but they seem to get it working some how:

no such luck for me though. any other suggestions other than a complete factory reset?

Many thanks!

Hey, did you figure out what the problem was with this?

The only reason I ask is because I’m experiencing a similar problem with the secure SRT321 thermostat. Couldnt understand it because I already have one working fine, added the second no problems, tried to associate it and BINGO came up with ERROR: Unable to get any information on node

After some experimenting I found the problem. For some reason VeraEdge ui7 will not allow me to associate the thermostat with a multichanel device. I use several Fibaro 2x1.5kw relays for controling my zone valves. Radiators are on the ‘S2’ of one device so I set the association to 64.2 (multichanel devices only show the parent device in the child list in UI7)
I changed the assocition to a parent device and it configured fine.
I’m raising a tech support ticket but in the mean time I was able to swap the radiator and towel rail wiring over so now radiators are a parent device and the thermostat is working fine.

Nope, no luck here. Been trying when new firmware is released. It alternates between “unable to get any information on node” and something about getting the manufacturer. I’m unable to update neighbor nodes or add configuration settings. I’m pretty close to tossing it and buying a new thermostat. Thanks though.