Trane Thermostat

Had wife open windows this morning and Heat actually came on. I went to settings and shut off the HVAC system through my Trane Thermostats, but Fan continued to run for about 10 minutes before shutting off. Is this normal?

A normal forced air heater will function in the mannner you described.

After the heater is ‘turned off’, the fan continues to run for a bit to cool the heater before shutting off.

Is this what you are describing?

That is the normal way that my Trane works as well.

It’s actually a safety feature for higher efficiency furnaces, once started to complete the shut-down cycle and continue blowing until the heat exchanger reaches a safe temperature. This is independent of the thermostat as it is controller logic built into the furnace controls. The flue induction fan in the exhaust is most vounerable and must keep running while the exhaust gas temperature drops. Similarly on A/C, the compressor needs to fully cycle then shut down safely.