Trane thermostat setup/usage tips?

I have this set up, operational, and paired with Vera. I enabled scheduling and set up some basic daily time-based schedules, similar to my old tstat. Vera shows the temp, status, and settings fine.

I’ve browsed through some threads, but can anyone give me the cliff’s notes version of the best approach to using this thing?

Do most people use the built-in scheduling for daily use, but supplement with a ton a Vera scenes? How do these play together? Or should I go with one method or the other? Which one takes precedence? If the built in schedule is set to change cool point to 68 degrees at 5:00pm, will that override anything from Vera, or do Vera commands take it out of run mode?

Any FAQs/tips on built-in scheduling vs. Vera scheduling vs. local button control, priority, etc?


Did you read through this?

Whatever you sent through Z-Wave is as if you did the same action locally. Instant and scheduled setpoint changes have the same precedence. Use the ESM mode for ‘extended away’.